Iphone 11 Pro Cover & Cases

Iphone 11 Pro Max Cover & Cases

At NiMart, buy everything you will need for your IPhone 11 Pro, from wireless stereo buds to simple charging cords. You can screen protectors, device sanitizers, beautiful covers and cases, power bank, earbuds, headphones, plus everything that is required to keep the phone in an incredible condition. Our smartphone covers are manufactured from the mixture of flexible polycarbonate providing it a comfortable and solid feel. They are light, thin, and easy to hold. The front screen glasses are made sturdy and highly protective preventing it from dust, heat, and scratches. Sides of covers are made from a flexible, softer and squashy material for tight-fitting over the buttons and ports

About Iphone 11 Pro Max Cover & Cases:

  1. Funky phone covers – These covers are designed to provide smartphones with an incredible colored finish and increased protection.
  2. Screen Protectors –Our protectors have about up to 9.8 ft. drop protection, they provide the best protection against scratches and dust
  3. Cool wireless headphones – easy to hold, no more tangled headphones
  4. Affordable battery cases – Tight-fitting and squarely measured openings in the cases allow effortless access to ports and buttons
  5. Fitness trackers – for tracking fitness-related body parameters e.g. heartbeat, calorie intake, distance run, etc.